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Guidelines Confidentiality Fee Agreement


Fee Agreement & Scope of Work

Fee Agreement
- 3% for 1st Million of Acquisition or Development Cost.
- 2% for 2nd Million of Acquisition or Development Cost.
- 1% for every Million afterwards of Acquisition or Development Cost.
- Minimum US$20,000 per assignment within Scope of Work.

Fee Payable as follows:
- Pre-approved, Out of Pocket expenses will be reimbursed by the Client within 72 hours without demand.
- Travel Time and special assignments not covered under Scope of Work will be charged separately @$50 an hour and $1.00 per mile.
- Third party payments (if any) must be paid at per agreement or within 72 hours without demand.
- 25% Payable at Draw #1 or at 25% Completion of the Assignment at per (Exhibit-A).
- 25% Payable at Draw #2 or at 50% Completion of the Assignment at per (Exhibit-A).
- 25% Payable at Draw #3 or at 75% Completion of the Assignment at per (Exhibit-A).
- 25% Payable at Draw #4 or at 100% Completion of the Assignment at per (Exhibit-A).

- $1,000 Non Refundable Registration Payable immediately at signing Confidentiality Agreement.
- $10,000 Refundable Retainer is required at sign up, applicable towards the fee agreed (in case).
- Refundable or Applicable towards the Fee, deductible at Draw #4, Completion or Cancellation of Agreement (in case).

Note: All checks are drawn in the name of: Swairah Web Solutions or individual name of HABIB REHMAN SHAH.
Note: No registration is acceptable unless it is accompanied by Registration Fee of $1,000 certified funds available.
Note: The Retainer funds of US$10,000 required within one week of the Registration as Certified funds.

Following Services are covered under Scope of Work (Exhibit-A)
- Standard broker do-diligence (Profitability Vs investment study)
- Financial Statements Review
- Business and financial audits.
- Service Agreements Negotiations & Reviews.

- Title Search
- Attorney Fee for contracts and review.
 - Closing Cost of the Acquisition (Deed Recording and Taxes are not included).

Following Services are Not Covered under Scope of Work (Exhibit-A)
- Legal Services and Legal Expenses (Claimed separately at per Law firm Agreement).
- Extensive Traveling beyond 50 miles of Home Office located in Centerville, OHIO
- Professional Inspections, Underground Storage Tanks Tests, Phase-I and II or any 3rd Party Products and Services.
- Financing arrangements, Mortgage Brokerage.
- Deed recording fee,
- Sales & Real Estate Taxes.

Cancellation of Agreement:
- Client is authorized to cancel this agreement any time with 10 days notice and all deposited funds will be refunded within 10 days excluding any outstanding expenses incurred or paid by the Consultants on behalf of the Client.
- In case of cancellation of agreement, the Client is not allowed to share any confidential information provided by the Consultants for three years.
- In case of cancellation or expiration of this agreement, client will not engage directly or indirectly to any of the entities reported to the client by consultants without written consent of the consultants.
- In case of violation of confidentiality and terms of agreement cancellation, the consultants reserve all rights to peruse full fee at per this fee agreement using all possible means and resources available at per the constitution of United States of America and may claim all damages including reasonable attorney fee for collection.


Accepted by the "Client" : _________________________________ Dated : _______________________


Print Name : ___________________________ : Company Name :_______________________________


Address : ___________________________________ City, State, Zip : ____________________________


Accepted by "Consultants: ____________________________ Dated : ________________________


Accepted by : ___________________________________________ (Print Name)

For and on behalf of :
Swairah Network,
P.O. Box : 750575,
Dayton, OH 45475
Tel : (937) 470-9400

Send this Fee Agreement to :
Email :
- follow the hard copy by mail to :
Ohio Petroleum Organization LLC,
P.O.Box : 750575, Dayton, OH 45475.



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