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IGSOA Fuel Management System

IGSOA has launched it's Fuel Management System to protect their members for un necessary Purchase Management issues. IGSOA Fuel Management System consists of following:-

1. A device that installs on your under-ground or above-ground storage tank and back office automation to ensure accurate and timely order replenishment. The FMP device is responsible for submitting data regarding your tank inventory back to our corporate headquarters wirelessly over the cellular network. This information is then utilized to determine demand patterns for automatic order replenishment.

The IGSOA Fuel Management System will ensure you will never be without fuel again. Through this System, IGSOA is able to reduce the number of deliveries made to your site, meaning there will be fewer phone calls, invoices, and less paperwork to deal with. Additionally, you won't have to worry about "sticking" your tank ever again!.

When you are enrolled in the IGSOA Fuel Management System, you can rest assure that you will always have an adequate amount of product in your tank--always!

Call today for evaluation:


Habib Shah

Ohio Petroleum, Dayton, OH

(IGSOA Program)

Tel: (937) 470-9400
Fax : (937) 439-1209


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