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How octane effects on milage?

Octane rating does not relate to the energy content of the fuel. It is only a measure of the fuelís tendency to burn in a controlled manner, rather than exploding in an uncontrolled manner. You will get the same mileage and horsepower at any level. Octane is the gas companies biggest scam ever and you only need the minium required by your engine so that there is no knocking. If you donít believe me look it up.

Gas Guy,
That might be true where you live. If all the grades of gas has ethanol, octane rating doesnít matter.

Ethanol contains approximately 34% less energy per unit then gasoline. At the 10% blend we are forced to buy now, on older vehicles mileage will drop about 3 percent. Newer Flex Fuel Vehicles take care of this, but for 90% of the cars on the road that arenít Flex Fuel, this is degrading on mileage.

For now, running high octane non ethanol gas (where you can find it) seems to boost mileage about 3%. Not related to the octane, but the 0% ethanol level.


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